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Life Line


You see it more and more often, people writing their stuff thoughts down and putting them on the Internet. You might wonder who is interested in this crap they spit out; but it is clearly that people actually read those weblogs.

For example a fellow weblogger (from which I stole most of the design of this site), Marko Karppinen was asked by a contact at Apple how camp X-ray was going. (To find out what the heck camp X-ray is, see Marko's blog).

But what do people actually want with those weblogs of them? Do they want to show how bored they are at work? Are they some kind of exhibitionists? This are questions which mostly will never be answered. For most people weblogging is simply a way to write down their frustrations and annoy other human persons with it, this is clearly the case for me. For me weblogging is a way to write down what is on my mind at this very moment.


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would be cool to have some rss feed from your weblog.

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