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Life Line

LinuxTag und earth displacements

After a four day visit in Karlsruhe to attend LinuxTag and doing sessions on PHP, it was time to go home. With the nice ICE train nach Holland... no problem. Well.... it became a problem when some hill near Koblenz started a life on it's own and decided to break the traintrack.

This situation made me miss the ICE connection in Cologne to my hometown. We could get as far as Duisburg by "normal" trains, but from there the only possibility was go by a stop train to Emmerich. Luckily the guys of the german rail corporation were so nice to figure out cabs to Arnhem; but that's still not were I needed to go to. At the moment the estimated arrival time in Emmerich is 0.25, the last train in Arnhem going to my town leaves at 0.30. But every rocket scientist can figure out that it's going to take more than 5 minutes to go from Emmerich to Arnhem by taxi.

When we reached Emmerich I got my sister to get me from the trainstation in Arnhem at 1.30am, so I actually made it home that evening (around 2)


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My trip home from LinuxTag was "spiced up" by the same rock-on-tracks incident :-/

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