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LinuxTag: summary

The trip back to Norway was luckily very uneventful - no delays and no missing luggage. We can look back at LinuxTag now, after the LAMP Day on Thursday the rest of the days were spend on manning the eZ systems booth. We met a great deal of interested people - even though there seemed to have been less people attending LinuxTag than last year. Besides visitors at the booth I had an excellent chat with the publishers of the german translation of PHP 5 Power Programming .

A representative of the Software Patents Group at the FFII contact us and interested us to visit Brussels to talk to MEPs. If time permits Zak will go to Brussels next Wednesday.

After the conference on Saturday Bård and I wanted to have some Indian food - something that is very hard to get in Norway. We ended up at the Taj Palace on a ten minutes walk from the conference fair.

Photos of LinuxTag can be found here .


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