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LinuxTag: not the next day either

Okay, so our plan A to take the car to Karlsruhe didn't work out as all the rental offices where already closed by the time we made it to Amsterdam. But that was ofcourse after we asked the people at the transfer desk to check us--and our luggage--out from our flight. So we went for plan B: a KLM provided hotel. When we got there I noticed that I forgot my laptops power cable - a good thing that I just got my Extra-Long life battery before I left for this trip.

After a night's sleep we went back to the airport and got on our plane to Stuttgart. This was actually the first thing that went right on this trip, except that our luggage (all the marketing material and also all clothes) were missing in action. One of our bags was found by the people in Stuttgart and would be on the next flight here, they'd deliver it at the hotel, where it indeed did arrive. But no word about the other four bags that we're missing - the ones with clothes and the other parts that belong to the stuff in the bag we received.

The booth was today very empty, but that was totally out of our control. Now we're at the hotel, relaxing and going out for dinner. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


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