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Life Line

Just too late for sunset

I usually try to get out in the weekend a bit instead of staying inside the house. The weather was great yesterday so I invited Sebastian for a little trip to MΓΈlen to take pictures at sunset. Unfortunately, we were two minutes too late to see the sun set. Luckily that did not stop us from taking pictures - just after sunset there is still some sunlight that hits the clouds turning them red. Here you see Sebastian taking a picture of just those red clouds:

After the sun sets the light decreases which allows you to play a little bit with longer exposures. You can get very nice effects such as in this four second exposure of waves breaking on the (rocky) shore:

If you instead of a close up take a bit wider image of the shore it gives an eery feeling just like this shot of the waves and water flowing inbetween the rocks that were deposited here by a glacier a long time ago:

The rest of the images in this serie can be found in my gallery .


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