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Life Line

Is the media behind the wall?

Today the hearings at the International Justice Court started regarding the Israeli Wall. There were some things in the local news reporting that struck me as odd.

There were quite some demonstrations in the Hague; the morning was for the pro-Israel people, who even brought the bus blown up in a terrorist attack at the end of January to the square in front of the Peace Palace and the afternoon was for the pro-Palestinian people, including Mrs. Greta Duisenberg. One of the reports from 2 Vandaag was asking questions to the leaders of the manifestation. The leader of the pro-Israel group, while holding a photo of a murdered Israeli in his hands, was asked "Do you think that this wall is a good thing for the Palestinian people?" His answer was: "Of course it is not a good solution, but it's a better solution than all the others". The leader of the pro-Palestian group was asked "Does the Palestinian Authority do enough to stop the terror brought upon the Israeli people?" to which she could only answer "I'm getting sick of those questions." So does this mean that she can't even think out-side the box to understand how everything affects the live of the Isrealis? IMO it only shows that people still have no clue on what is going on there... they only see one side of the story and the media is not helping them to get all the information.


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