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In the land of the free...

I was pointed to two URLs today that relate to the political situation in the USA. The first one describes the report of a fellow photographer being harrassed by people from the Homeland Security Deparment for making pictures and noting down shutterspeed/aperture. The second one I find much more concerning. I will not make comments on it yet, but I would recommend to read those two URLs yourself, and ask yourself carefully if this is really what people want (in the USA).


This article has a short URL available:


Thanks to "news" agencies like Fox, many (most?) Americans really do believe that it is their country that is under attack and this kind of stuff is nessesary to maintain their "freedom". Can't really blame them when they get it from all angles.

As sick as it seems but one of the seven "bad-terrorist" identification signs are people who takes pictures of public places.

The video, which shows those signs can be found here:

After watching you may want to install this :-D :


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