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If you do not have anything to say...

then say nothing at all. Am I the only one who things that blog posts like this are only there to be a blog post? This site used to have a nice PHP blog but lately the entries that appear have no content whatsoever. Really sad to see this happening again .


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yeah, like saying that none has to say anything...

oh wait.. that must be you?

Do u mean the blog about "=>" or the blog about the blog about "=>"?

Which one is more sensless? Or which one is funnier :-)...

so true...

so what exactly is your post about?

Slow news day... good thing you don't read my blog ;)

I'm missing Harry's posts too. Where is he anyway?

What I dislike in blogs is blog postings that actually should be just comments to somebody elses blog. For some reason, some people have this "I won't put my opinion in a comment (where it belongs) but I dedicate my own blog post to it".

Especially when it's actually just an expression of your opinion about someone elses blog posts.

now now.... don't make me say STFU, Derick ;-)

@Ivo: I would, but I need to register to add a comment. I refuse to register for things like that.

I don't believe we're seeing a repeat of the Devshed incident. One might say that the Devshed article you referred to lacked substantive content and is therefore similar, but it was more damaging because of the claims the author made about PHP and its evolution (PHP5, anyway). The Sitepoint post, OTOH, is a harmless musing on a language feature (not a judgment of it and certainly not drawing fatuous and speculative conclusions from it).

If it's just the lack of content you're concerned about, I'm with you on that one... and said so in a couple of comments.

I stopped reading that site years ago. And I stopped reading that authors babblings years ago as well. His book is one of the reasons why there are so many bad PHP programs/programers

Just avoid them both, you'll be glad you did!


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