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I hate 'u'.

It really strikes me as odd. People being too lazy to write 'you', 'your' or 'are' in e-mails and using the shortcuts 'u', 'ur' or 'r' and then still sign their emails with 'director' really have no clue. Those annoying shortcuts really do not make you look like you understand the internet, and are definitely not kewl. As a matter of facts I see it as an insult because you're too lazy to use the full words. I guess I'm then just not important enough, so why should you be important enough for me to actually answer your e-mail. Besides this it's also hard to read. People, get a clue.

10x (in case you wondering, this means "thank you").


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Totally agreeing on that one! Cuz its annoying u c!

u never told me the same applies 2 irc.. !

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