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HOWTO: Booking flights


At some point in time there will be a point when you need to book a flight for yourself or other persons. This is a rather complicated action and this HOWTO will assist you with the basic steps that are required to book a flight.

The book a flight you will need several things: patience, more patience, some paper and some intelligence. The next sections in this HOWTO will explain all in detail.

Required steps

Step one: Deciding where to go to

This is of course very important, without a pace to go booking a flight is rather useless. The fastest way to get to your destination by is in a straight line, from A to B. A straight line is NOT a travel plan with 6 transfers at several airports, especially make sure that none of your flight plans need a transfer at Charles de Gaule in Paris, France. Write your source and destination location on paper. Your travel agent will need it.

Step two: The date to travel

When you need to fly to a conference somewhere in the world, it would really help to book your flight so that you are in time for your conference. Being in time means that you should be at your destination location around 1 day before the conference starts to make sure you don't have to much problems with your jetlag. Watch especially that you are booking the correct month; it doesn't really help to book your flight for July, when the conference is in June.

Step three: With how many people are we going

After you decided where to go you can make of people who are coming with you. For instance you might want to ask your girlfriend to come along. It would be nice if you were able to book the same flight for both yourself and your girlfriend, so that you don't have to wait on you destination location for over 7 hours.


I hope these three steps will guide you on the next planning of booking a flight.


Most of this material was provided by Georg Richter, and especially written for my friend Zak Greant.


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<Derick> fweep: did you hear of my problems with booking flights? :)

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