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Walking: Horsley to Guildford

I had a lovely walk last week, from East Horsley to Guildford via Gomshall, but didn't find the time to write up an article about it then, so here I am catching up.

I started my walk at Horsley station, which isn't exactly the start of the Slow Ways route. I didn't walk to the starting point along a busy road, so I found myself some footpaths instead. They were fairly muddy, and there was a steepish climb involved.

Sun in the Woods

When the real route started, the walk was delightful. So much green, with very little mud. The chalky nature of the North Downs, which I walked some years ago kept the paths easy going.

There were many woods, and even a sawmill. At some point the Sun came out which made this walk even nicer. There a few steep ascents, and the descent towards Gomshall was also steep, and very muddy. There was however no alternative.


In Gomshall, the second route starts, and I got a little lost as to where the path was. Instead of where my map showed it to be, it was well hidden at the back of a village hall car park!

After leaving Gomshall along some sports fields, much of the route followed the Pilgrim's Way, a sort of alternative to the parallel North Downs Way, but then on the other side of the valley. Although it had rained, there was very little mud, which I much appreciated.

The village of Shere was really nice, and apparently very interesting, as there was a whole bus of Asian tourists to come and have a look at the church. If they had gone slightly passed it, they would also have seen a whole bunch of newly born lambs.

View of the North Downs

Further west of Shere, the views of the North Downs were stunning, and I had a really lovely time walking here.

Mile Path

There were empty fields, old oak trees, and rolling clouds. One of the woodlands also had many patches with blue bells. I took some time to explore and attempt some photos. I was fairly pleased that I did not "have" to go up to the top of Martha's Hill though.

The walk into Guildford was through a fairly steep ascent along the Mile Path. The ground was dry, and again, all the colours were so fresh and green.


It was fairly busy here, with it being so close to Guildford, and especially on a nice warm sunny day as it was, I can't blame them, or this lovely bumble bee from having a great day out!

After crossing Pewley Down it was then a steepish descent into Guildford, and the train home.


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