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Life Line

Good bye Norway, Hello London

Today, at the longest day of the year at the summer solstice , I am making a bit change to my life. If you're following me on twitter you probably already know what I'm up to. For everybody else, I am going to say good bye to Skien in Norway, and move to London (the one in England, and not the one in Ontario). Norway has been my home for the past five years, and I've had a great time exploring the nature as well as working at our office in Skien . Skien is a nice place, but ... not the most interesting of cities in the world. From today I will be living in London to see what life will bring me there. I am both sad to leave Norway, but I am also excited to live in a cool new place like London. I'll have awesome house mates (Hi, Mr. Þorbjârnsson, Ms. Cherry and Mr. Ray!!), and something new to put my energy in. I will continue to work as project leader for eZ Components for eZ Systems and continue to make great software with Alexandru, Tobias , Kore and Sebastian . If you are about in London, let me know! We could go for a pint or something. See you there!


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Any reason you didn't choose the London in Ontario?

Good luck with your move, London is a fun city.

As a PHP developer who also moved to live in London I agree with you that this is a very interesting place to live in ;) Good luck!

I hope I can do the same one day

Good move ;-)

Hey Derick!

Good luck in London!

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