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Forum du PHP 2002 and Insane Ideas by Thies

The past few days i've been attending the Forum du PHP in Paris. This conference, organized by the AFUP and Macromedia, had two days worth of talks on PHP related subjects. To make things cheaper for Macromedia, the main sponsor of the event I decided to fly in two days earlier; this also brought me about one and a half days of quality time in Paris. Thies Arntzen and Shane Caraveo were doing the same so we spend some time together in Paris.

At Sunday we made the big tour through Paris, starting at the Louvre we walked a good part of the day looking for interesting sights. The Notre Dame and similar things did get attention from us. Walking makes tired so we took plenty of time sitting and drinking coffee, and of course discussing PHP related things. One of the things that popped up was one of Thies weird, but interesting ideas:

Because releasing PHP is becoming a real nightmare for the release master because there are simply just too much extensions to take care of, and all extensions are done in a different way, we need a way to simplify things. The first step would be to mode ext/standard/ into main/, the second step would be doing: rm -rf php4/ext to get rid of our nice pile of extensions and the last part would be to get rid of all our SAPI modules by doing rm -rf php4/sapi. Now we have a nice and clean PHP. But I guess you would say: "How useful is PHP then?" Of course we need to fix the removal of all usefulness.

We get back our extensions by using SWIG to generate a mapping between the C api of the libraries the extensions are for. This won't result in extensions that are very easy to use, but instead we can wrap a PEAR library around it to make it as close to the original custom extension totally written in C. We can do exactly the same for our SAPIs, make a very thin wrapper around the C api and use PHP itself to make it actually workable. With this we can have the most optimal way of dealing with several aspects like file uploads, or handling GET and POST variables.

After we have our extensions and SAPIs back as a C module and a PHP library to wrap around it PHP will still only be the engine and the old ext/standard. To make use of the extensions we have to include the modules to our PHP script, but as everything is a library/class now, we for example don't have to include the GET/POST handling module if we are not using any request variables. This will result in a faster PHP as no time is wasted on attempting to do something with those. If for example you want to do something with input encoding like mbstring does currently you would include the mbstring_http library instead of the "normal" http library for handling request variables. So instead of having to deal with everything in the core but have dedicated modules for everything. This will certainly make the life of out release master easier as every "extension" can have it's own release cycle. So, as inside as this idea might look, it's actually not. It will bring us: 1. easier release management, 2. simpler "extensions" which are very easy to "write", 3. more performance due to more efficient handling of things we really need in our scripts and 4. more nice blog entries.

Besides the serious things we also had lots of fun touring Paris, with the Eiffel Tower being the biggest success (although it was very cold there). If you are looking for my slides, see here and for photos of the event check this.


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