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Find my Xdebug download wizard

Installing Xdebug seems to be a problem for some users. The main trouble is for Windows users that don't know which file to download. Over the past few days I've worked on a wizard that analyses phpinfo()'s output and for Windows users suggests:

  • which file to download

  • where to put the file

  • which php.ini file to modify, and how

For Unix users, it explains:

  • which source tarball to download

  • how to compile

  • which php.ini file to modify, and how

I hope this makes it a bit easier to get going with Xdebug. Next up (hopefully this week) is release candidate 2 for Xdebug 2.1.0.


This article has a short URL available:


that's cool! it's always a trouble trying to install xdebug on colleague's machine. thanks!

Hey, cool. Not much help for me, but cool to know, that I am using the latest version.

You could make statistics... You could add an input field for an url for public accessible servers.


Just works ;)

I've tested with my mac osx and works pretty well! Good job ;)

Great tool. There is an issue using Zend Server and Xdebug however. It may be worth incorporating into your logic.

Nice feature!

The page could do with a privacy statement! And/or you should let users download the script to run locally.

@Derek: I don't have Zend Server. Could you provide (by mail) a phpinfo() output of it, and explain what exactly the problem is?

@Chris: I've added a privacy statement and a link to the source code.

Can you also add info on how to debug remotely using Netbeans or other editors ? Every guide seems only for local debug.

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