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Fahrenheit 8/27

I just came back from the Norwegian premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11 which I watched with a couple of collegues. While I don't think it is as good a movie as Bowling For Columbine, I is a really good movie. I can only hope the American people are smart enough not to re-elect this Bush person.

Another intersting this is that after the movie a few people from the Democrats Abroard organization asked if one of us was American. We said we weren't and one of the ladies said: "We're trying people abroard to register as voter and see if we can get rid of Bush". Not evading political discussions we started the following short discussion:i"But is Kerry any better then?"i"Yes of course, he's going to straighten things up."i"But who started this mess in the first place, it was not the Bush admistration." "No", she said, "it was us [democrats]. As they said [in the movie], they were just waiting for a good reason." This stroke me as odd - I would not have expected them to actually admit that.


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