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eZ publish Camp 2005 - photos

Traveling in Norway always makes you see interesting and beautiful scenery. The same was true during my trip to Gaustablikk for the eZ publish Camp .

On our way to Gaustablikk we drove past the Heddal stavkirke in Notodden - Norway's largest stavkirke. It's not as old as the one in Urnes , but still very typical.

The weather around the hotel was not very good. It was very foggy the first two days. It did create an execellent atmosphere for taking pictures. Together with Gunnstein and the phpedit guys we went on a small hike around the nearby lakes.

At the last day Gaustablikk finally showed up after the mist evaporated and plenty of people started photographing and posing with it .

On the sunday after the conference a group of us decided to walk to the top of Gausta. Together with Ray, Gunnstein, Bjørn, Frederik and Peter I walked 2 hours and 45 minutes to the top in heavy snow (2 meters at places). Although I was totally exhausted when I got back, it was really worth going there.


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