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eZ Components 2007.2

Today we released the next version of eZ Components . In this release, there are two new components.

Tree : This component enables you to create, manipulate and query tree structures. There are several back-ends available, each with different performance-related properties. There are two tie-ins for this extension: TreeDatabaseTiein stores tree structures in a database (recommended) and TreePersistentObjectTiein enables you to store the data belonging to the tree structure as a persistent object.

Webdav : The Webdav component enables you to easily set up a WebDAV-enabled HTTP server. Users can then create and edit site content by uploading and downloading files to and from their desktop. The current implementation is compatible with RFC 2518. It also supports clients that do not conform to the standard and provides an interface to support these clients. This component does not have any other dependencies besides PHP (and the required extensions), nor does it require any Apache modules.

For the full thing, see the release announcement .


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