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eZ Components 2006.2 released!

I am proud to announce the most recent release of the eZ Components and would like to thank the team and the contributors for their dedication in the past few months. The new version of the eZ Components , 2006.2, comes with three brand new components: Graph (pictured on the right), SignalSlot and Url .

Besides the three new components many of the other components have new functionality as well. Most important are the new IMAP transport for the Mail component, which includes contributions by Mikko Koppanen; better support for databases other than MySQL for the three database components Database, DatabaseSchema and PersistentObject; and support for relations in the PersistentObject component. For a full overview, please have a look at the release announcement . You can download the eZ Components from the download page .

We are of course interested in your feedback in the form of either bug reports or feature requests (but we prefer feature requests) which you can file in our issue tracker . The issue tracker also contains the roadmap to the next release. However, this roadmap has not been finalized yet.


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ezcGraph component is just amazing :)

Congrats, hope to see a controller and some sort of a form builder in the next release :)

one of the best libs of all ezc components. keep on good work with it!

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