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Dutch "iPOD" tax

The Dutch "Stichting Thuiskopie" got totally out of their mind. They're proposing to tax digital music players with €3.28 per GB because they can be used to store pirated music. I've always found the tax on empty CD stupid as hell because it also taxes people who just use empty CDs to make backups - but asking €3.28 per GB is a bit too bloody much. Especially also because if you buy music from iTunes, you already pay for the copyright.

This so-called tax is to compensate "artists" for people who make copies of copyrighted works but this same organization claims it's illegal to copy... really really strange. See also the article at The Register .


This article has a short URL available:


it's the same in hungary.

GΓ‘bor, that doesn't mean it's less stupid ;-)

I should start taking orders for frankfurt;) - tax free over here...

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