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Due To Legal Reasons Can We Not File a Decent Bug Report

Some times people don't want to submit their code when filing a bug report for PHP because of "Legal Reasons". They simply assume we can fix it even with their very vague reasons . Usually we persist in asking for more information because we're nice and want to help those people who think they found a bug anyway. Sometimes this gives hiliarius responses . Come on, your über-cool "new technology" with PHP - we're that ones that gave you the tool to write your "new technology" in the first place. Even better is when they claim that "they're not allowed to tell you what it is".

But it gets, better - now the guy is even offering that we debug his large application for us, but we need to sign an NDA as well then. I'm not sure in which world this guy lives, but an NDA for a bug report? :) If you can't make a short reproducable case, then you're pretty much lost anyway. I just ended up asking how much they pay .


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Haha, that's funny

That shut him right down, eh? ;-)

Scary - sad - revolting. Tell the jerks to **** off and keep up the good work on PHP.

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