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Contributing Advent

As a project for this year's advent, I will be making an open source contribution for each day of the period. I will focus on resolving bugs in Xdebug, PHP's DateTime extension and OpenStreetMap. I will also try to write a small article about the specific case to show how I fixed and/or contributedβ€”providing it is interesting enough.

Each project has plenty of addressable issues (Xdebug bugs, DateTime bugs and OpenStreetMap notes) and I don't doubt other Open Source projects have a backlog of issues as well. Who joins me in contributing to your favourite Open Source project for the advent? Leave a comment below.


This article has a short URL available:

Comments will be running again this year, this is a nice way to monitor your advent :)

fingers crossed

Thanks for all your past work, this work and your future work. You are an invaluable resource to the php community. Today seems like a good day to say thanks :)

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