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During the weekend I made another trip to the coast near Langesund. Although the Moon was pretty bright, I did make some panoramic photos of the skies .

The image above is the largest panorama that I made, and it covers most of the sky when looking North. Even the comet Machholtz is visible again. All 12 images of the panorama where shot with f=1.2 and a shutter speed of 4s on 400 ASA.


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Lovely pics, Derick. What do you use to create the panoramas?

And I assume you are using a tripod, but do you use a special mount so that the focal point of the camera is at the centre of rotation? For sky photos it shouldn't make any difference, but for landscapes the parallax might be noticeable.

Colin, I use a couple of tools to create those panoramas: hugin that can figure out how to adapt the images to remove parallax issues, autopano to put the images in the exact place for the final panorama (although for night sky images you have to do this by hand in hugin) and then nona (part of hugin) to stich the images together. With enblend I then blend all the images in the panorama together.

Normally, you can just take the images without any tripod, just snap the pictures, feed them into autopano... etc. You need to have a lot of memory and a fast CPU though ;-)

Derick, Those are great Pictures.

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