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Conflict PHP

I wrote an e-mail to the editors of DevShed because of an article on DevShed:

Dear Editors,

I stumbled upon: http://www.devshed...Conflict-PHP/ and I was wondering if you ever fact-checked this article. I've never read so much bullshit about PHP in my life. How could you guys publish this? It's even worse than http://www.devshed...e-Owned-by-Sun/ which is untrue in many ways too.

I don't really care about reading it, I just laugh about this much stupidity - but on the other hand people that read this article might take it seriously, making PHP (and Zend) look extremely bad. Please consider removing this non-sense article.

regards, Derick


This article has a short URL available:


Funny that you mentioned the Owned by Sun article:

  • Dan

Ironic then, that Zend is partnered with Devshed.

Daniel, I already noticed it was the same guy ;-)

Actually - just look at the comments it attracted so far. It quite made my day!

"Dear Editors,"

Sadly I don't think there's much hope. Devshed used to be quite good until about 1.5 years ago. Then they were 0Wned by, who's bottom line is turing some $$$s out of the ads.

That this article is getting attention (especially /.) is all that matters.

Probably better off spamming (from whois)...

Quoting the devshed author terms: "all information provided by you to Developer Shed is truthful, accurate and complete" :)

If the article is full of errors, why don't you point them out for us? Ranting about how the article is junk, and then not backing that up us no better then the original article.

Last time I checked (2 minutes ago) PHP Enabler for Sun Java System Web Server was free. In fact I don't recall it ever costing me money. This is just one of wrong claims of his article.

As someone who knows a little about PHP and Zend I couldn't help snorting with laughter at this article. I guess time will tell whether his totally fanciful predictions will come true.

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