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Conflict PHP - response

I actually got a response back, it reads as follows:

If you do not care to read it, and I assume you did not since you stated so. How can you insult it, if you know nothing about it. This author gave his opinion on what he thought could be in the future of PHP. He perceived the updates in the latest version of PHP were taking a path that was different from what the users wanted. He even quoted a Survey that backed up this information. As far as I know we do live in a free country where if we have an opinion we can voice it. You are also free to have your opinion. As for your last remark, If you read the article he just states that he was concerned that Zend could be changing PHP5 to make it more of a commercial product. He even uses the fact that Zend is offering an $800 PHP plug-in for Sun Servers, as an example. If you disagree with this article, his email is listed in his BIO so that you can discuss this with him further.


This article has a short URL available:


Funny. The didn't look at the rating of the article. It should give them a hint how bad it is. And they don't even care to get the facts right. With such bad editors it's no wonder they're having such bad articles.

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