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Comments anybody?

I finally sat down and added a commenting possibility to the blurps on this site. I didn't want all the comments to show as that would of course cause too much space below every blurp. So I made the comments show if if you click on the comment count. Feel free to try it out :)


This article has a short URL available:


I guess my only comment would be 'took you long enough.'


Oh, and save_comment.php doesn't redirect you back anywhere - you're just left at a blank page.

Actually, the jabbascript should close the form. What browser are you using?

'd be nice to change 'comments' to 'close comments' once it's open..

/me hates browser backbuttons

What is the underlying technology beneath your blog? I like it (and the CSS you implemented on top of it)


AfC Sydney

I don't no how he did it, but I really like the comment system of This is really going smoothly!

@Andrew: It's actually a whole bunch of different technologies that I use here. It's all custom made and uses XML, XSLT, PHP and static generation of content and MySQL to store the comments and visitor information (just hit counting).

This thing is going to kill the share price.

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