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Over the weekend I've been playing a bit with code_swarm - which visualizes the history of commits in a software project. There reads : "A commit happens when a developer makes changes to the code or documents and transfers them into the central project repository. Both developers and files are represented as moving elements. When a developer commits a file, it lights up and flies towards that developer. Files are colored according to their purpose, such as whether they are source code or a document. If files or developers have not been active for a while, they will fade away."

I've run the tool on a few programs I've been involved with, and added some music track to the movies. Here are the results (click on each image to see the movie):


eZ Publish

eZ Components


This article has a short URL available:


Very cool! Useless, but cool. :)

Very cool to see the purple explosion in the PHP code swarm when TestFest was running earlier this year :-)

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