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Life Line

Walking the Capital Ring - Section 14

Section 14

Upon setting off on the penultimate section, we quickly looped around the Olympic Station, now the London Station, home of West Ham. There is a lot of new landscaping, that's not quite finished yet around here. We left the Lee soon enough, and walked towards Stratford High Street. There Crossrail work near Pudding Mill Lane station, where the Ring was diverted along an industrial estate. This was badly signposted. I've updated OpenStreetMap with the current route, but it will have to be redone once the works are over. Once they are, it should be easy enough to navigate from Victoria Walk to the Greenway.

In our case, we had to spend a little bit of time to fine the Greenway, but once we got there it was a very easy route. In fact, for 80% of this section, you walk in a straight line over the Greenway.

Near the start of the Greenway, the walk goes past the Abbey Mills Pumping Station, which has been pumping sewage around since the 1860s. As a matter of fact, the Greenway that we were walking on, is actually a long footpath and cycleway on top of the Northern Outfall Sewer. This then also explained the nice fragrances along this stretch of the route...

It was a long and monotonous walk along the Greenway, and we were pleased once we left it and could walk the last bit of this section through Beckton District Park. When coming out of the park, we had concluded this section. One more to go!

Route (with GPX)

Waymarked Trails


1h 37m 38s


8.24 km

Average Heart Rate

108 bpm

Calories Burned

836 cal

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