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Life Line

Walking the Capital Ring - Section 11

In which we finish up Section 10, and complete Section 11. With the weather still being warm, we decided to only do one section at a time, instead of two.

Section 10

After finishing up the photo mapping, we started out with today's walk to finish section 10 first. We nearly completed it last time, but we had another kilometre to do to finish at Hendon Park. The walk was basically around the back of Brent Cross, although we did not see the shopping centre at all!

Section 11

The first kilometre we walked along the residential streets of the mainly Jewish neighbourhood of Hendon. As it was the Sabbath, there were lots of people out and about, including one wearing a Shtreimel.

The route brought us alongside the river Brent, and later along Mutton Brook. We had to make a slightly annoying detour crossing the North Circular at some point as the path under the bridge was closed for refurbishment.

As a matter of fact, most of the route was alongside Mutton Brook. At Lyttleton Playing Fields, the Ring followed an odd route over a nettle infested path, around tennis pitches, while a perfectly nice path in front of it would have been the better choice. Coming off the path along the brook, the route was sign posted to go through East Finchley station, but it was closed for Weekend Engineering Work. Instead, we had to walk around the block a little to continue our walk.

Before entering Highgate Wood, we passed by a garden with large thistles which were being feasted on by bumble bees. The wood was a nice change from open paths, as the trees prevent the Sun from beating down on us too much.

The last part of the walk went through Queen's Wood, which was particularly hilly. At the end of the walk we ended up on the hill with Highgate station, from where we took a bus to find some refreshing beverages (read: beer), before continuing home.

Route (with GPX)

Waymarked Trails


2h 16m 52s


11.34 km

Average Heart Rate

113 bpm

Calories Burned

1356 cal

For the full photo series, see my Flickr set.


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