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Being 'Rasmussed'...

Some people who where speaking at the conference where "rasmussed". This new verb means that some presentation speaker drew all the audience away from other presentations being given at the same time. This effect usually occurs when Rasmus Lerdorf is having a presentation at the same time as another speaker has, though this is not necessary that the person who rasmusses you is Rasmus itself.


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I was totally Rasmused at php|con East back in 2003.

I had 6 people in my talk. At least it was actually Rasmus speaking. I don't think I could stand being Rasmused by someone else. :)

Yeah, I was totally rasmussed at php|works -- and it was by Chris's session security talk. I started with one audience member (Josh--the Trek guy), then it grew to two (thanks Marcus!), then a couple of other people (Wez, Damien) took pity on me and hung out for the last fifteen minutes or so.

Some day people will care about DB2 :)

Ah well, quid pro quo--I was one of the few people who went to Marcus' CEP talk while Rasmus was giving his best practices speech.

I was once rasmussed by the fact that my presentation was the last slot of the last day of the php|cruise. It seems then that I was rasmussed by the beach, the swimming pool and the bar ;)

Yeah, php|cruise offered many tough decisions: jet skiing or PHP & OOP, etc.


O sole mio. I got rasmussed by Sterling - twice :(

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