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Life Line

Available for PHP Extension Writing

Slightly more than a month ago I left my job as team-lead of eZ Components at eZ Systems behind, to focus on something new. During the past month I've been contemplating about what to do next and realized that I do not want to take on a new full-time position right away. Instead I will be available to work on (custom) PHP extensions and internals related issues. Extensions are a great way around PHP's limitations and performance issues.

As first project I am working on a "QuickHash" extension for StumbleUpon. This extension circumvents PHP's hefty memory (and performance) overhead by providing more specific data structures. The extension currently implements integer sets and integer to integer hashes. I am now adding integer to string hashes and string to integer hashes. The QuickHash extension will be released under the PHP Licence and I will dedicate another post to it later.

If, like StumbleUpon, you are also interested in having work done on PHP or a specific extensions feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to discuss things with you.


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Hi Derick! Good luck for the new projects!

Hello Dereck,

Converting PHPLinq ( into an extension would be a nice thing to have in PHP. Feel free to contact me if this is of interest to you.

Best regards, Maarten

Maybe we ought to get some kind of 'bounty' system going for you :)

Best of luck for your new projects!!

Good luck with your projects, Derick. Ilm glad we had a little time off at #confoo party.

Hi Derick,

Not completely unrelated:

I'm working on a CalDAV implementation for PHP which deals with Dates, Timezones, Recurring events, all that goodness..

I just wanted to say the DateTime extension is the best thing since sliced bread. I dread that I have to support PHP 5.2 and can't use some of the additions made for PHP 5.3.

Hi Derrick,

Sounds like a bit of life-change happening.

I'm curious how you juggle all the various projects - many for no obvious reward and still put dinner on the table.

Maybe a blog to share your thoughts on community software / licensing / workload sharing / contributions / donations etc.

For example it seems you are the only one doing work on xdebug, but then you personally hold the copyright, so I'm a bit confused as this would seem to restrict others' willingness to help?

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