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Autumn Plans

I've been missing-in-action on my own blog for some time. Moving to London does that to you. Anyway, I've not been idle in the meanwhile at all, and been working on some cool side-projects. First of all I've been adding some features to Xdebug . Xdebug is now slow reaching beta-status for the 2.1 release. New feature will include proper PHP 5.3 support, variable tracing, "scream" support and other minor features.

Besides Xdebug I've also been hacking on PHP-GTK applications for my phone . The major new thing that I have now is a PHP-GTK twitter client that works like I want it... and I even use it on my desktop instead of all the other stuff that's out there. I will soon be publishing this client in my CVS repository.

Now that the conference season is starting again I'm working on improving several talks, as well as rewriting some parts for them. The first conference that I will be speaking at, are part of "Marco's Crazy PHP Conference Tour" aka CodeWorks . I'll be giving three different talks here, one on "Debugging with Xdebug ", one on PHP's DateTime support and one on "Improving your development process" where I'll be talking about Test-Driven Development and other tricks associated by running a project. As CodeWorks is a bit like a rock-star tour, I'll be keeping a video blog of it somewhere on the intertubes.


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Any plans to continue with the pecl/dbus extension?

It looks promising and would help open up a whole new side of php apps.

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