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Contributing Advent 18: Mapping without access

So, this is another one about chasing down issues on ITO World's analysis, and probably not the last one. However, in this case it needed a little bit more than photographing street name signs. This is the tale of St. Mary's Place.

OpenStreetMap had this street as St. Mary's Gate, a road in the same area. ITO World's analysis had flagged this up as being incorrect, so before the last OpenStreetMap winter meet-up I went to have a look. After checking out an apparently missing street, and adding it to OpenStreetMap I walked towards the supposed location of St. Mary's Place. However, I couldn't really get near as there was a gate blocking my way.

Not really a problem I thought, so walked to the other side of the estate and encountered another set of gates. Now I got annoyed as I had walked quite a bit, and I still had to check out Palace Green before the meet-up as well. In any case, I was looking around to see whether there was a public entrance after all, when a pedestrian left through a gate. Instead of trying to sneak in, I just asked him about the name of the street… and that was it. He could confirm that indeed St. Mary's Gate and St. Mary's Place split in the middle.

Getting to know information about Palace Green is tricky too, and that conclusion will have to wait until I've spoken to Paul who mapped it in the first place.


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