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ActiveState Awards

Apperently I've won the ActiveState Activators' Choice Award together with Jani. "The Active Awards are presented annually, to honor members of the open source community who actively contribute to open languages and display excellence in their programming efforts. Programmers' Choice Award winners were nominated and chosen by the open source community. Activators' Choice Award winners were chosen by ActiveState's development team". The reason they posted for awarding me and Jani was this:

Derick is heavily involved in developing processes for QA and Release Management, and Jani has been one of the largest contributors to QA and support of the Bug database. The contributions of these two PHP developers towards the progress and quality of PHP over the past year has been outstanding. They deserve the ActiveAwards for their relentless work in an area that is often difficult and unending.

Right, working on QA and bughunting is not always difficult, but it is certainly unending, but that's normal for such an moving target as PHP. Luckily PHP is getting more and more stable in spite of the Security Update Release that was recently issued. Lets go for PHP 4.3.0 now!


This article has a short URL available:


Derick and Sniper: congratulations for the award, you deserve it. Complimenti! ciao, Simone.

Excellent - Way to go! You have done the PHP community proud. Keep it up

Fantastic Derick - Keep up the good work. All the best


Pleased for you both. Now go drink kossu! :)

Congrats Derick! You deserved it :)

14 aug 2002,HG

Congratulations! I(all of us) hope that you'll continue in the same way =)

Derick - Congrats on the award! See you on php.bugs =)

Are the QA - and Release Management Processes available on the website?

No, not for now, but was the (proposed) release process for 4.2.0.

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