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Life Line

3.2 mbit

Over a year ago I wrote about my upgraded internet connection. Today I was wondering why I could download with more than 300kb/sec on a 2 megabit line. It seems that my provider, XS4All , upgraded the line to 3.2 megabit without telling me. Nice! Now the only sad thing is that this is the line at my parents place - where I don't usually live :-I


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Always nice to get such suprises ;-) To bad you can't use it on regular bases.

/me pats his 8 megabit ADSL2 connection

Tho I have to admit I see no real change from when I'm surfing on a 1 megabit connection and 8 megabit :P

We'll see if my upcoming 12 megabit ADSL2 connection will change that.

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